Graciela brings the kind of real-world knowledge and business-focused expertise today’s businesses need.

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Graciela's range of consulting services include:

  • > Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Diversity and inclusion matter. In today’s business environment, you need to ensure you have a culture of inclusion. Having already developed successful programs, she will help you create the kind of diversity strategies grounded on business goals that will enable your firm to prosper and grow.

  • > Sales Organization Development

Developing a customer-focused sales organization. She has the experience and know-how to help your team achieve the best results.

  • > Hispanic Market Outreach

Her insights and knowledge will help you develop the best strategies to reach this growing consumer segment.

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Graciela’s style of consulting:

  • > Realistic and practical
  • > Every client is unique — no cookie-cutter approach
  • > Questions get at the heart of the issue
  • > Only takes on projects that she knows she can deliver
  • > Offer practical and lasting solutions
  • > Be a valuable partner to her clients

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Graciela is a pioneering executive who has held many high-level, high-profile roles in sales, marketing, management, and as an entrepreneur.

She has a global perspective and a common-sense approach to solving problems. She is a big-idea visionary with the ability to implement.

She is a business executive who knows how to deliver tangible results and someone who leads any team with heart.




An accomplished corporate executive, Graciela offers more than 30 years’ experience in marketing, sales, diversity and inclusion. During her time with the firm, Graciela held numerous senior management positions, including vice president of global sales training, Director of Planning for Latin America and vice president of Latin America Export. In her role as vice president of global diversity, Graciela developed the firm’s innovative Global Strategic Diversity Initiative.