A certified coach through the Hudson Institute of Coaching in Santa Barbara, Graciela’s approach is based on a proven methodology that focuses on “the whole person perspective.”

Graciela Meibar takes great pride in her ability to break new ground for both minorities and women, alike. Graciela serves as an invaluable coach to countless co-workers, so that they can achieve the levels of professional and personal fulfillment they seek in their career and lives.


Committed to helping her clients achieve what they want on their own terms. Graciela offers a range of coaching services. These include:

> Executive coaching for those in:

>> Transition
>> New Assignments
>> Looking for new stretch assignments
>> A way to improve relationships with team members, leadership, or peers.

> Personal, one-on-one career counseling coaching.

Coaching with a personal goal in mind, like finding a new career or finding your passion and discovering your personal mission.

> 360 Assessment and Coaching.

A process to develop leaders to their full potential, by highlighting both strengths and weaknesses and implementing a plan based on these attributes. The process includes the development of a questionnaire with the client, in-person interviews, and gathering information from leaders and peers on key areas and developing a plan with the client.

> Group leadership coaching and mentorship services.

Working with a team to improve performance, generate better insights, and work on better group dynamics.

> Coaching for Leadership Diversity

Do you need or wish to improve the diversity in your top leadership?

Graciela provides strategic programs to develop and prepare high potential, mid-management minority employees for executive leadership roles.

With her unique coaching program, she develops high-potential minorities and women before they step into leadership roles. And she coaches current leaders to actively engage with the upcoming leaders as sponsors. The investment pays off with a new generation of leaders who:

>> Feel appreciated
>> Are prepared for the challenge
>> Know your organization
>> Provide your organization with leadership diversity
>> Achieve better results

Flexible, friendly and always people-focused, Graciela is open to creating arrangements that best suit the needs of her individual clients or organizations.

Graciela’s style of coaching:

>> It is a joint process, coach and client
>> Every client is unique
>> Listen and provide insights
>> Questions get at the heart of the issue
>> Focus on desired outcome
>> Push back when it is needed
>> Help the client create and execute the plan
>> Applaud success
>> Make the process enjoyable


An experienced corporate executive and a champion of diversity and inclusiveness throughout her life, Graciela Meibar is the ideal coach for ambitious professionals seeking to take their careers to the next level. Her select group of talented clients are already benefitting immeasurably from their decision to work with someone who is uniquely:

Accomplished – Graciela is an experienced business leader

Personally Experienced – Both bi-lingual and bi-cultural, Graciela has demonstrated how diversity and inclusiveness can deliver on-going benefits to corporations worldwide.

Close of a group of three multi-ethnic women working in an office. The focus is on the Caucasian woman who is wearing a yellow jacket, using a digital tablet.

Connected – Graciela serves on the boards of some of the most important and influential community organizations.

Approachable – Despite her many achievements, awards and status within the community, Graciela remains one of the nicest and most positive people you will ever meet.

Dedicated – Graciela has always been passionate about helping others overcome obstacles, rise to their potential – and fulfill their dreams.

Certified Executive Coach- She has the experience and also the methodology and preparation from one of the best programs in the world, the Hudson Institute of Coaching.